Eyeware Sense is an adaptation of the AMD Privacy View app that has been covered in
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Never lose your mouse between screens

Activate the Multi-Screen Pointer feature and have the mouse cursor naturally reappear where you need it on multiple monitors.

Reduce repetitive mouse movements with mouse warping

Place your finger on the mouse pad. The mouse cursor will appear where you look on the screen.

Presence detection

Activate presence detection to automatically lock your screen when you're not using your device, and protect your data.

Enhanced focus for increased privacy

Protect content on your screen by blurring areas that you are not looking at.

Highlight your attention in video conferences or live streams

Transform your live streams or video conferences with an accurate eye tracking gaze bubble overlay. They see what you see.

"It feels natural to have the mouse cursor react to me. I wasn't aware how much time I spent moving that single cursor across multiple screens."
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